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Tree roots sewer pipe Sydney

Sewer And Storm Water Drains

Older homes in Sydney are notorious for problems with blocked drains as a result of tree roots in the sewer line because old sewage pipes were made of clay and joined together with mortar or rubber rings. Mortar crumbles over time under ground just like the mortar around bricks above the ground and rubber rings perish and simply disintegrate. Tree roots grow into the pipe at the broken connection and may cause your sewer line to back up, sending raw sewage into the house or yard. If the roots grow big enough, they may rupture sewer pipes, forcing you to repair or replace the sewer line.

When a tree sends out its tiny roots in search of water and organic nutrients, the cracks in the mortar or rubber rings between the pipe joints make perfect entry points for small roots. They find a well of moisture and nutrition in your sewer and they start to grow inside along the pipe. We often see whole neighborhoods that need sewer repairs about the same time due to deteriorating sewer lines which all happen at the same time. There are many other reasons for a blockage or a break in the line such as a collapsed sewer. Once the pipe is broken or the sewer line blocked there are only a few options:


Mechanical Drain Clearing – Electric Eel
Blocked drain Sydney Electric eel

Mechanical cleaning for blocked drains is carried out with a heavy piece of equipment commonly called an “Electric Eel” that has long cables which hook together to reach up to 30 metres or more. The end of the cable has a cutting head attached to it to cut through roots and debris. There are many sizes and styles of cutting heads for different diameter pipes and different types of blockages. Sewer lines are usually 100mm – 150mm in diameter so a 100mm – 150mm cutting head is needed to thoroughly clean the pipe. We consider carrying electric eels a must and although high pressure water jets have become the machine of choice for most Plumbers there is still a place for the mighty electric eel. In fact many Plumbers don’t carry electric eels anymore and we have found on many occasions that we can get the job done where others fail for this reason.


Blocked drain Sydney High pressure water jetHigh Pressure Water Jet Drain Clearing

Jetting is performed for blocked drains by high pressure water delivered through high pressure hoses at 4000 - 5000psi through hydraulic cutting nozzles which can cut through the tree roots. 
Jetting is also used to clean out other debris such as grease and solids in the sewer and stormwater lines.
Whether it’s a high pressure water jet or mechanical machine we will suggest which tool is needed to take care of your specific needs

Sewer and stormwater repairs Sydney

Sewer And Storm Water Drainage Spot Repairs

Sewer line repairs are often made by replacing a section of the pipe at the site of the root intrusion or damaged area.
This is the best solution and a permanent fix in most cases. Many plumbers will suggest the homeowner install a clean-out pipe at the time of the repair. This is a vertical pipe the same diameter as the sewer pipe and it is installed in the yard so if any future cleaning or inspection is needed there is adequate future access to the sewer.


Drainage ExcavatioDrainage excavation and repair Sydneyn And Replacement

Sewer line replacement may be needed to replace the whole pipe if it has deteriorated over the years and several breaks are seen. This can be done by excavating the area along & above the pipe and replacing it with a new PVC pipe. Provided there is adequate access, mini excavation equipment can be used which will dramatically reduce the costs over hand excavation. Sometimes there is no choice but to dig. A newer technology called sewer pipe lining avoids digging and more often than not can be performed.


Pipe Relining – Trenchless Technology
Pipe lining No-Dig Sydney sewer pipe
Pipe relining came on the market about 15 years ago. Instead of removing the old pipe this technology lines the inside of the old pipe. The lining material once in place is cured and the semi soft material becomes a new hard pipe with no joints to breakdown over time. Pipe relining is most suitable when excavation is really not an option such as repairing pipe work under valuable surface structures or inaccessible locations such as drive ways, swimming pools, tennis courts, landscaping, large trees and structural slabs etc. DRAINS R US® has the equipment, knowhow and experience to reline sewer and storm water drains.


CCTVLocate blocked drain CCTV camera inspection Sydney Camera Survey

Video Inspection is done by a lighted sewer camera on a long cable. A video of your sewer line is taken to determine what your needs are. Your plumber will look into the sewer and discuss the options once he sees what he’s dealing with. He will be able give you a copy of the video footage on USB flash drive. He may be able to show you the root intrusion on the video screen while he is there.
Sewer cleaning must be performed in order to get the camera through the sewer. DRAINS ‘R’ US® has a sewer video camera. If you have been experiencing frequent blockages then this tool can explain why.

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